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Chignon TAMISHYO Original
type:Chignon Oval type 

It is soft hair piece.

Social dance ballet figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics and cheerleading, ceremonial occasions, a kimono, a kimono, a yukata and a graduation ceremony, an entrance ceremony, and stage show ...
-- various scenes -- large activity!


In our store, we make each item by hand. Choose your favorite design, and let us know your size and color. We have S/M/L/(LL) size in all chignon design. It will be good and helpful in choosing the size to imagine your hair volume/head size/face size. If you can’t decide your size, please ask us by phone or e-mail. We can advise you.
Chignon Oval type size
size Cup size(lenth×width×dept)

If you have a lot of hair... You can choose LL size(you must need 1.3 percent extra charge). However, if you don’t want to enlarge the cup size, you can change the depth of it. Since you may need extra fee in some case, if you have any question, please order after asking us.
・Please choose the color of hair.
Chignon color

#1 super black 
#2 black
#4 dark brown
#6 natural brown
#7 mocha brown
#10 ash green brown
#32 pink brown
#33 dark red brown
#35 cassis brown
#30B orange brown
#12 light brown
#27 beige gold
#15 light beige gold
#T103 blond

About Tamishyo’s Chignon, Ornament and Hair Dress. Our Chignon, Ornament and Hair Dress will be made after customers order so that we can make customers’s original one. So, we don’t have any items in stock. We produces one in order of the custom's order, so if you have a competition or demonstration, please order two weeks before it. If you have any question, let us know from [Contact].

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Item NumberSU072N
Item NameSU072N
Price12,700 YEN

日本国内価格 換算値:The price in Japan ≈ 134.65 USD
日本国外価格 換算値:The Japanese overseas price ≈ 122.41 USD