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BallroomdanceHair Ornament XG143N


To a gorgeous glossy hair style! To all women who love ballroom dancing. The ornate hair style will make you more attractive. The product we are making is very delicate and beautiful finish. You will feel great if you decorate your hair beautifully! Many fans love this item In Japan.

DanceHair Ornament
The stock number XG143N
Price No-stone:¥12,900
Item DanceHair Ornament
Type mini Ornament
Size Size:10~12cm
・Since it is handmade, the difference in some may arise.
Hair Color Please choose the color.
Up to arrival 3 weeks-1 month
About delivery methods Shipping overseas using EMS.

Since it is handmade, the difference in some may arise.
Please choose the color similar to the color of your hair.

・Since a color may be delicately different and it may be visible according to the environment of a browser, please understand the color sample.

●How to put on an ornament
●About paym

Item NumberXG143N
Item NameBallroomdanceHair Ornament XG143N
Price12,900 YEN

日本国内価格 換算値:The price in Japan ≈ 137.03 USD
日本国外価格 換算値:The Japanese overseas price ≈ 124.57 USD