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About Chignon

Tamishyo ~What is Chignon?~

This is a hair items with a cup. You can make dance hair easily by putting your own hair into the cup.
Chignon are made from soft material, so you will be comfortable with it. It is easy to wear even if you wear it first time.

We process lace in side chignon, you can use it many time.
And also, there are combs inside it. This is the point to fasten Chignon onto your head!
Please see “How to wear chignon” to know how to fasten combs.

There are [round type][dripping type][french twist][oval type] and so on. We have a number of design.
We also make an original sized and colored chignon design by customer’s order.
We have standard size, which is S/M/L. Chose one by your hair and head size.
We accept LL size or special size if you want, but you need extra charge(ex,LL-size needed 1.3 percent charge)

Choose the color from [Chignon Color]
When you choose a color, you should imagine your hair dance style.
Your own hair will be darker when you set by hair gel. And your bright hair ends will hide in a chignon.
We get many after follow call, saying “ the chignon is brighter.”
We highly recommend to imagine your “dance hair” color when you choose.

About Tamishyo’s Chignon, Ornament and Hair Dress.

Our Chignon, Ornament and Hair Dress will be made after customers order so that we can make customers’s original one. So, we don’t have any items in stock.
We produces one in order of the custom's order, so if you have a competition or demonstration, please order two weeks before it.
If you have any question, let us know from [Contact].

On which type of chignon will your head shape match?

Choose items from below category.

Category of Chignon

Chignon Round

This is round type, which you can use as both of under and outer wear.
You also can change the appearance by your item of business.

Chignon Dripping

This is a dripping type, which you can use in Standard/Latin Dance.
If you have a plump and round head, you should choose this!

Chignon Oval

This is an oval type, which is simple but nice to gather hair.
We recommend people who have lots hair or want more voluminous hair.

Chignon French Twist

This is standard type.
Do you have a flat occiput? Try this one!!

Attaching Chignon

1. Bring your hair together at the position installed in chignon.

*Please try to find your own best position.
*It will be more beautiful if you do hair dress by hair gel and use hair net.

2. Check the place of comb inside of chignon,
make the base of comb by using two hairpins in both direction.


Use two hairpins to each comb.
Fasten your comb by hooking the hairpins.

3. By the order of up, side and under of head, fasten the comb with hair pins.

Put the comb straightly in the hairpins in number 2.
It will be fit your head firmly when you fasten all combs.
Put the comb firmly under the two pins.

4. Trim throughout to be compleated.
















About size of Chignon

In our store, we make each item by hand.
Choose your favorite design, and let us know your size and color.

We have S/M/L/(LL) size in all chignon design.

It will be good and helpful in choosing the size to imagine your hair volume/head size/face size.

If you can’t decide your size, please ask us by phone or e-mail. We can advise you.

If you have a lot of hair...
You can choose LL size(you must need 1.3 percent extra charge).

However, if you don’t want to enlarge the cup size, you can change the depth of it.
Since you may need extra fee in some case, if you have any question, please order after asking us.

●Chignon size

French Twist

Size cup size (length*width*depth)
S 15×7×4
M 18×8×5
L 20×9×6


Size cup size (length*width*depth)
S 10×6×4.55
M 11×7.5×4.5
L 12×8×4.5


Size cup size (length*width*depth)
S 8×7×4
M 9×8×5
L 10.5×9×6


Size cup size (length*width*depth)
S 11×6.5×4
M 12×7×5
L 13×8.5×6

*The size are shown by cm
*The size may have an error range because it will be made by hand.
*LL size is needed 1.3 percent extra charge.
*We accept special size.

Service Note(Manual)

Please care every time after using chignon/ornament/hair dress.

How to care

*After using it, let it dry naturally in airy place avoiding direct sunlight.
*Wipe the dirt of stone by a wet cotton bud, then wipe again by a dry cotton bud.

How to Keep

*Fill some cushion(ex. rounded paper) into the cup, adjust the shape and put it into the case.
*You will get free case with chignon/ornament/hair dress when you order them in our store.


*Do not use a dryer/hot culer/hair iron.
*Do not wash with water.
*Keep away from children

Category of items


Lineup of Chignon.


Lineup of Ornament.

Hair Dress

Lineup of Hair Dress.


Lineup of Accessory.

Cup type Ornament

Lineup of Cup Type Ornament.


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