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About Hair Dress & Cup type Ornament

What is Hair Dress?

A Hair Dress with nice things of chignon and ornaments.
You can make immediately dance hair by only THIS!!

This has a hole like chignon, you can wear it with your hair in.
There are many kind of design which make your hair and you more glossily.
New design coming day by day.

This will greatly help you when you have to set your hair by yourself in the expedition destination.
See “how to wear” in Hair Dress.

There are [round type][dripping type][french twist][oval type] like chignon. The inside cup size is also the same as chignon’s.
Note:The size of all completion items will be different respectively.

Chose itmes in below category.

Hair Dress

Hair Dress Round

You can wear these in latin and standard dance.
We have lots of design from a simple, round one to the forelock.

Hair Dress Dripping

We propose a design following your head shape.
The proposal will make you elegantly and graceful.

Hair Dress French Twist

This is popular because of the elegant Silhouette. Your hair style will be stylish.
This is highly recommend item!

Hair Dress Oval

Do you have any trouble with long hair or lots hair? Try this oval type!
This is standard type and will fit anyone.

What it Cup Ornament?

Cup Ornament is an Ornament with a stylish cup.
The feature is its lightness and elegance.

☆about 50g(wights will be different respectively.)

There are [round type][dripping type][triangle type][oval type][french twist type] and so on.
The size of cup is different by designs. See the detail page.

The number of color variation is the same as ornament ones.
How to wear is the same as chignon hair dress’s.

Choose a little bit brighter color than your own hair, then the line by ornaments will be clear.
You can put it in many different way, which will make a different appearance.
This item is so strong and elegant that you can use many time because special machining.

About Tamishyo’s Chignon, Ornament and Hair Dress.

Our Chignon, Ornament and Hair Dress will be made after customers order so that we can make customers’s original one. So we don’t have any items in stock.
 We produces one in order of the custom's order, so if you have a competition or demonstration, please order two weeks before it.
If you have any question, let us know from [Contact].

How to wear a Hair Dress/Cup type ornament

1. Bring your hair together at the position installed in chignon.

[French twist type];Gather your hair at the top.
[round/oval/dripping type]; Gather your hair at the neckline.
[triangle type]; Gather your hair at the slightly anterior top of the head.
*Please try to find your own best position.
*It will be more beautiful if you do hair dress by hair gel and use hair net.

2. Check the place of comb inside of chignon,
make the base of comb by using two hairpins in both direction.


Use two hairpins to each comb.
Fasten your comb by hooking the hairpins.

The number of combs will be different respectively.
You can wear it in many way by putting in the other positions and sides.

3. By the order of up, side and under of head, put the comb under hair pins.


Put the comb straightly in the hairpins in number 2.
It will be fit your head firmly when you fasten all combs.

---How to wear is the same as chignon’s---

4. Fasten the comb of ornament with hairpins.

Put the comb straightly in the hairpins before.
It will be fit your head firmly when you fasten all comb.


Put the comb firmly under the two pins.

5. Use hairpins and U-type pins to fasten the tip of ornament.

1.Put hairpins at the tip of ornament.
2.Join the tip of ornament onto hairpins.
3.Hook the ornament on U-type pins and put the comb under pins.

*If the tip of ornament is protruded, use glue for false eyelashes or so on.

6. To be completed by inserting the pin onto hair net!!

About color

About handling

Please care every time after using chignon/ornament/hair dress.

How to care

*After using it, let it dry naturally in airy place avoiding direct sunlight.
*Wipe the dirt of stone by a wet cotton bud, then wipe again by a dry cotton bud.

How to Keep

*Fill some cushion(ex. rounded paper) into the cup, adjust the shape and put it into the case.
*You will get free case with chignon/ornament/hair dress when you order them in our store.


*Do not use a dryer/hot culer/hair iron.
*Do not wash with water.
*Keep away from children

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Hair Dress

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Cup type Ornament

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