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Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

Business name

Tamishyo Co.,Ltd.

Tamiko Kishida

Responsible person
Tamiko Kishida

Shimotogari177-8, Nagaizumi-town, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, JAPAN 411-0943


e-mail adress

Shipping information
Ready-made goods takes in 7 business days
Custom-made goods takes in 60 business days after money is received.
(In some cases, it takes longer.)

Payment Option
We accept only Paypal.

Return and change products
We do not accept returns on all products but accept changes on eligible products (see below). Please let us know by e-mail.
Eligible Products(Ready-made):
*if you applied products and received different ones.
*if you received dirty or corrupt products.
Eligible products(Custom-made):
*if you receive a different size or color, we make it over.

NOTE: Please mail or call us within 3 days of receipt of original shipment. We do not accept change products after 3 days, used products and products damaged by customer.

About custom-made
Since we start making your goods after money is received, you cannot cancel your order. We have after-follow-up-service to change size and color if we receive incorrect order, but we do not accept to cancel by your reason.